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Department of Philosophy


Why Philosophy?

Athena Teaching Student

Overall, philosophy is an excellent part of any student's general University Education. Courses in philosophy can be taken towards several degrees; and virtually all programs of study at SDSU can be enriched by the inclusion of one or more of our courses. Masters programs are offered for students who wish to go on to do graduate study in Philosophy.

Philosophy at San Diego State

Welcome to the department of philosophy at San Diego State University, home of the Institute for Ethics and Public Affairs and The Journal of Ethics.

The department is dedicated to excellence in teaching and research. We offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in philosophy, an undergraduate minor in philosophy; and we serve more than 80 majors and 30 graduate students.


Our faculty includes seven core faculty and seven lecturers. We offer strengths in ancient philosophy, philosophy of mind, metaphysics, logic, ethics, Continental philosophy, and Asian philosophy. The Philosophers at SDSU place a very strong emphasis on excellence in teaching as well as research; and our philosophy courses enjoy an excellent reputation among SDSU students who generally rate them very highly.

Philosophy StudentsPhilosophy Students

Areas of Study

Most areas of Philosophy are taught at San Diego State University. Many of the general questions of Philosophy are considered in our Introduction to Philosophy courses. More specialized courses in Philosophy are also offered at all undergraduate levels. Students can make Philosophy a major. Philosophy can also be taken as a minor. Philosophy is an excellent second major that combines well with most other subjects, including: Computer Science, Economics, English, Law, Linguistics, Mathematics, Physics, Political Studies, History, Psychology and Sociology. Law Schools invariably recommend that prospective lawyers study Philosophy.

Student Conferences

Together, through coursework and joint research, faculty and students investigate perennial philosophical problems. Students are encouraged to participate in three annual conferences each fall: the Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, the Weber Graduate Conference in Philosophy, and the SoCal Philosophy Conference. In the spring, they are encouraged to showcase their original research, scholarship projects, or creative activities as part of the San Diego State University Student Research Symposium. Many graduate students in the department are given the opportunity to teach an undergraduate critical thinking course and/or work as Instructional Student Assistants.

Institute for Ethics and Public Affairs

The department also houses the Institute for Ethics and Public Affairs, which aims to be a resource to members of the campus community, the larger community of scholars, and the greater San Diego community who wish to pursue thoughtful discussion and research as a means of clarifying moral problems

Contact Us

If you are interested member of the general public, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas and concerns, and if you are an alumna or alumnus checking in on your home institution, please let us know how things are going. Send us your contact information so that we may keep you informed of departmental events and send you our annual newsletter.

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