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Department of Philosophy


Why Philosophy? Athena Teaching Student

Overall, philosophy is an excellent part of any student's general University Education. Courses in philosophy can be taken towards several degrees; and virtually all programs of study at SDSU can be enriched by the inclusion of one or more of our courses. Masters programs are offered for students who wish to go on to do graduate study in Philosophy.



Peter Atterton (Ph.D. Essex)
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Letters

Phone: (619) 594-3007
Location: AL-659

Office Hours: TTH 1:00-2:00

Continental Philosophy,
Animal Philosophy

Curriculum Vitae

Brown Alison Brown (Ph.D. Florida State
J.D. University of San Diego)

Phone:(619) 594-5344
Location: AL-440

Office Hours: F 12:00-2:30 pm

Steven Barbone (Ph.D. Marquette)
Graduate Advisor
Associate Professor

Phone: (619) 594-0249
Location: AL-434

Office Hours: MW 3:30-5:00 pm, AL 434; W 12:00-1:45 pm, West Commons front patio; and by appt.

Spinoza, Modern Philosophy

Curriculum Vitae


J. Angelo Corlett (Ph.D. Arizona)

Phone: (619) 594-6251
Location: AL-432

Office Hours: MW 3:15-5:00 pm

Moral Philosophy, Epistemology, and Legal Philosophy

Curriculum Vitae

Dedman Shelley Dedman (MA SDSU)

Phone: (619) 594-5344
Location: AL-440

Office Hours: By appointment


Marie Draz Marie Draz (Ph.D. DePaul)
Assistant Professor

Phone: (619) 594-5249
Location: AL-429

Office Hours: TH 3:30-4:30 pm and by appt.

Feminist Theory, queer/LGBTQ Theory,
Critical Race Theory, Postcolonial Studies

Curriclum Vitae

Francescotti Robert Francescotti (Ph.D. Syracuse)
Undergraduate Advisor

Phone: (619) 594-6585
Location: AL-438

Office Hours: M 1:30-3:30 pm; TH 2:00-5:00 pm

Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics

Curriculum Vitae


Araceli Peñafuerte-Neuner (Ph.D. UCSD)

Phone: (619) 594-6586
Location: AL-444

Office Hours: M 1-1:50 pm; T 11am-1pm


Herminia Reyes (M.A. Fordham)

Phone: (619) 594-8839
Location: AL-427

Office Hours: MWF 9:00 am-12:00 pm


Kevin Siefert (M.A. SDSU)

Phone: (619) 594-5344
Location: AL-440

Office Hours:TTH 2:00-3:15 pm



Joseph A. Stramondo (Ph.D. Michigan State)
Assistant Professor

Phone: 594-2283
Location: AL-438

Office Hours:

Bioethics, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Disability, Social & Political Philosophy

Curriculum Vitae

Wawrytko Sandra A. Wawrytko (Ph.D. Washington, St, Louis)
Director of Center of Asian and Pacific Studies

Phone: (619) 594-5455
Location: AL-428 & 473-A

Office Hours:

Asian Philosophy, Buddhism

Curriculum Vitae

Weston Thomas Weston (Ph.D. MIT)
Professor-Emeritus FERP

Phone: (619) 594-6218
Location: AL-442

Office Hours: MW 2:00-4:00 pm and by appt.

Logic, Philosophy of Science, Political Philosophy, and Dialectical Thought

Curriculum Vitae

Wheeler Mark Wheeler (Ph.D. Rochester)
Chair of Department
Director of the Institute for Ethics & Public Affairs

Associate Professor

Phone: (619) 594-6706
Location: AL-431

Office Hours: TTH 12:00-1:45 pm

Ancient Greek Philosophy, Plato and Aristotle, Contemporary Value Theory, and Contemporary Metaphysics

Curriculum Vitae


Teaching Associates


Nicholas Cardwell

Phone: (619) 594-6257
Location: AL-430

Office Hours: MW: 2pm - 4pm and by appointment


Addie Cowan

Phone: (619) 594-6257
Location: AL-441

Office Hours: MW 2:00-4:00 pm


Adam Crawley

Phone: (619) 594-6257
Location: AL-441

Office Hours: T 1:00-2:00 pm; TH 4:00-5:00 pm


Jake Manalansan

Phone: (619) 594-6257
Location: AL-430

Office Hours: T 12:30-1:30 pm; W 3:00-4:00 pm


Department Staff


Kimberly Kennelly
Administrative Coordinator

Phone: (619) 594-5232
Location: AL-446

Office hours: MW: 8:30-3:30 TThF: 9:00-3:30




James Anderson

Retired 2015

Darrel Moellendorf

Retired 2013

Deborah Chaffin

Retired 2012

Roderick Freeman

Retired 2010

Leon Rosenstein

Retired 2008

Andrew L. Feenberg

Retired 2002

Eugene A. Troxell

Retired 2000

Stanley N. Weissman


Edward W. Warren




SDSU Philosophy Department