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Why Study Philosophy?

Do you wonder about reality? Do you question what ‘truth’ is? Philosophy studies the types of questions that other majors do not address. Because of its emphases on clarity, argumentation, and critical evaluation, just a single course in philosophy may provide you with the abilities to:

  • Think critically and objectively
  • Write clearly and effectively
  • Analyze policies for fairness and accuracy
  • Present your case convincingly
  • Develop creative solutions to unique situations

Philosophy majors have the highest overall score on the GRE. On the GMAT, Philosophy majors outperform majors in economics, statistics, finance, and accounting. On the LSAT, Philosophy majors rank significantly better than any other humanities degree. Philosophers enjoy the best chance of admission to medical school of any major. Philosophy majors earn some of the highest mid-career salaries in the liberal arts. Learn more at the Why Study Philosophy? website. 

  • Epistemology: The study of the origin, nature, and limits of human knowledge. What do people know and how do they know it?
  • Writing: The practice of writing logical, analytical essays through critical thinking, evaluation, and use of correct reasoning.
  • History: The study of philosophical ideas and concepts through time, including ancient, medieval, modern, Western, Asian, religious or secular traditions.
  • Ethics: The search for a criterion of moral conduct. How should people act? What does ‘right’ or ‘goodness’ mean?
  • Metaphysics: The study of the nature of existence and all that exists. What is real? Is this the real life or is this just fantasy?

Philosophy graduates find careers in:

  • Tech Industry: computer and software design
  • Government and NGOs: politics and community service
  • Law: lawyers and paralegals
  • Medical Industry: medicine and administration
  • Business: management and entrepreneurship
  • Publishing: technical and creative writing
  • Academia: university professor

Notable philosophy majors include: Aung San Suu Kyi (Nobel Peace Prize winner), Noam Chomsky (professor), Bill Clinton (U.S. president), Stephen Colbert (comedian and TV host), Angela Davis (social activist), Lana Del Ray (singer-songwriter), T.S. Eliot (author), Pope John Paul II (religious leader), Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. (civil rights leader), and Thomas Jefferson (U.S. president).  Learn more at the American Philosophical Association website.

A Statement of Solidarity

We, members of the San Diego State Department of Philosophy, vehemently condemn Russia’s unlawful, unprovoked, and ongoing invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine, which represents an attack not only on Ukraine but on the European and global community. We salute the courage and resolve of the Ukrainian people as they resist the violence of the Russian military. We recognize, as they do, the need to oppose military aggression everywhere, and understand that their struggle is fundamentally bound up with other movements for the protection of human rights. We urge the American government to do whatever is necessary to halt further escalation of the situation and to secure Russian troop withdrawal.

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